Quick Stats
Type: F-305 / Long Range Fighter
Pilot: Lt. J.G. Xavier Xenthos
Docked: USS Lexington
Length: 6.5 meters
Beam: 12.2 meters
Crew Capacity: 2, maximum
Propulsion: Three MK-IV Sublight Engines
Maximum Speed: sublight 5.5 for 40 hours (cruise); sublight 6.0 for 4 hours (top)
Armaments: micro-quantum torpedoes; Type-G phaser cannons
Defenses: Ablative Hull Plating; Type-B Shield Grid

The Albatross has been designed by Xavier Xenthos.


The F-305 class long range fighter project was originally intended to begin construction one year ago in 2382. However, after the Belkans attempted to disrupt peace and nearly destroy Yuktobania and Osea, the Oseans decided to delay construction in order to construct shorter ranged carier based F-302's, a fighter which was already in mass production.

Then, after the former 118th tactical fighter squadron "Blue Nexus Squadron", now known as "Razgriz Squadron", managed to destroy a weapon developed by Belka, the war ended after the discovery of a conspiracy. As a sign of good faith, Osea and Yuktobania created a new station overlapping their borders, as well as the newly designed F-305 class.

Construction on the fighters began on stardate 238312.28. In mid construction, Lieutenant Junior Grade Xavier Xenthos requested permission to join the project. He was granted access to the project, due to his service record in the Osean fighter squadron. Bringing Starfleet technology with him, Xenthos upgraded numerous systems and developed new systems of his own.

After completion of major systems and body frame, the craft was towed to Starbase 225 for completion and test runs. The tests were successful, and is now stationed aboard the USS Lexington under pilot Lt. Jg. Xavier Xenthos.

Special FeaturesEdit

One of the new system Lt. Jg. Xenthos developed for this fighter was the MFAS, or Multi Function Adaption System, which allows the craft to automatically program any new technology that it comes in contact with to adapt to its computer system. In addition, the F-305 weaponry includes Type G phasers, Micro-Quantum Torpedos, and a new weapon system, called the SFFS, or Self Forging Fragmentation Submunitions, which are miniature antimatter warheads released by a self guided containment unit.

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