Captain Cameron Sanantonio is Chief Engineer of the ISS Lexington.

Early HistoryEdit

Cameron Sanantonio was born on Deep Space Station K-47 near the Galactic Core.

While the station lost all hands during an attack, Cameron was able to repell the intruders untill the ISS Issac Asimov A came and destroyed their ships. Cameron was discovered by the stormtroopers from the Issac Asimov and was taken aboard. While superficially Terran, various anomalies (his hair) dissallowed him citizenship with the Empire.

He went to a surgical alteration shop on Altair II and had his scalp replaced, as it was the only outward sign of his state and reentered his admission to the Empire, which was accepted. He has short black hair, instead of the long blue hair that is the signature of his couterpart, First Lieutenant Cameron Sanantonio.


Early TrainingEdit

Cameron was drafted into the Engineering Department of Starfleet Academy upon submission of his application, where he made a name for himself by developing an algorithm that increased the sensitivity of the Agonizer and nullified the adaptation effects of the Agony Booth, and recieved a comission as Lieutenant Junior Grade aboard as Computer Specialist on the ISS Issac Asimov B.

He earned a promotion to Assistant Chief Engineer and First Lieutenant by staging an "accident" with the Issac Asimov B's computer system.

Transfer to the ISS LexingtonEdit

He got a transfer to the ISS Lexington as Assistant Chief Engineer, where in the line of duty, he rescued Lieutenant Junior Grade Fred Fogarty from the Chief Engineer at the time, Elmo. Cam and Fred staged an "accident" with a Warp Core coolant leak which promoted Cam to Chief Engineer.

Deep Space AssignmentEdit

Cam was assigned to a special deep space assignment where he recieved the rank of Captain. Upon return, the mission was classified and all crew below the rank of Commander were prejudiously neutralized.

Lexington AgainEdit

Cam transfered back to his old position at the Lexington retaining his rank of Captain. (Note. It is not uncommon for Engineers to be ranked equal or higher than their commanding officers in the Imperial Fleet.) He promoted Fred to the rank of Commander and appointed him as his Chief Bodyguard and Commander of the Engineering Security Division.


  • It is rumored that Cameron Sanantonio is a member of the Earth First Movement.
  • It has been said that Cameron Sanantonio knows more about the systems of a Invincible Class Starship (Sovereign Equivalent) than anyone else alive... and that he is responsible for that distinction. Personally.