Christo Meaestas
Quick Stats
Born: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Species: Human
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married to Amanda Meaestas
Children: Son named Grtan

The acting Chief of Security has been a long time member of the USS Lothlorien's crew.

Personal History Edit

Christo Russell Meaestas never liked being at home, he always wanted to be on a starship. His parents however disagreed with what he should do with his life.

Starfleet History Edit

Starfleet Academy Edit

Christo entered the Starfleet Academy, against his parents wishes, when he became of age. He majored in Security/Tactical with a minor in Computer Science and Engineering.

USS Lothlorien Edit

On SD 200502.25 Christo was posted to the USS Lothlorien, NCC 514251-B. He is currently serving on the USS Lothlorien NCC 514251-C as the Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical with the rank of Lieutenant.

Additional Information Edit

Christo knows the ancient computer languages: Java, C, and HTML. He is married to his wife of one year, Amanda Meaestas, and has one son, Grtan.

Promotions and Awards:

  • SD 200502.25: Joined the USS Lothlorien NCC 514251-B as security/tactical officer.
  • SD 200503.18: Awarded Gold Bar.
  • SD 200503.18: Awarded Gold Bar.
  • SD 200503.18: Awarded Gold Bar.
  • SD 200503.28: Awarded Silver Bar.
  • SD 200503.28: Awarded Silver Bar.
  • SD 200506.17: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
  • SD 200506.17: Awarded Gold Bar.
  • SD 200507.22: Awarded Double Gold Bar.
  • SD 200510.22: Awarded Gold Bar.
  • SD 200601.20: Promoted to Lieutenant.
  • SD 200601.20: Promoted to Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical.
  • SD 200607.07: Awarded Silver Bar.
  • SD 200607.21: Awarded Gold Bar.
  • SD 200608.04: USS Lothlorien NCC 514251-B is destroyed.

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