Planet Circus, much can be said about this Planet it is probably the only Planet that is known for being and designed as a Circus and a Zoolocical garden planet. and for the most part it is a Exsperiment world because originally circus was a mostly Dead world and its Under Terra Forming as we Speak of right not that will not be complete for centuries. but even though the world looks sort of like like Mars in the sol System. the Inhabitants that live herecome to stay because the capital city called the Show has been mostly Ploted out and that its designed to hold as many people as New York city on earth. but it will take a millenia before all the inhabitants fully populated the soon to be Megalopolis. w its thought that when "The show" is complete thats when all the life bearing planets will have been discovered in the Galaxy. and its even being talked about what this city will be like in the year 4000 AD when life forms being bought back from the Magelanic clouds orbiting the Milky way being brought into this planet will do for the planet Circus. to sum it up theres is no better show in the known Galaxy then on Circus and in the year 3000 AD after all the 2 million earth like planets are catologued and Circus is terraformed into the next earth like planet then it should be a sight to behold.

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