The Council of Queens is the ruling body of the Klicktics. It was formed as a permanent replacement to the Tefak Council approximately 2000 years ago as the Order movement continued to reform Klicktic society. The oldest breeding queen of each clan makes up the membership. While it originally had 8 members, the current membership is 6.

The Council of Queens makes all executive and legislative decisions for the planet Klickta as a whole. The main criteria for a decision is any issue that affects more then one clan. If the issue is found to affect only a single clan, then it is left to be handled by the leadership of the clan in question (the clan's queen and her advisors). There is no president or head member of the council; however the oldest member usually takes on a role as moderator to keep sessions running smoothly. The moderator has no additional powers.

All decisions made by the Council of Queens must be agreed upon by a minimum of 4 members. On rare occasions, however, if the issue is felt to be too controversial or wide reaching, the coucil can decide to require a unanimous vote for the decision.

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