Daniel Kenneth Jona
Quick Stats
Born: Feburary 16, 2330
Species: Betazoid/Human
Age: 17
Height: ' 5’ 2
Weight: 140
Haircolor: Brown
Eyecolor: Black
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Parents: Leeandra Monroe and Troy Jona
Siblings: Ray and Bastian Jona

A Cadet in the Starfleet Academy. A freshmen major in Medicine.

Personal History Edit

Daniel Kenneth Jona was born to a Leeandra Monroe and Lt. Comdr. Troy Jona on Feburary 16, 2330 on the planet of Betazed. His mother is Terran from Baton Rouge, Louisana. His father is Betazoid from Teris Province.

Daniel has telepathic and empathic abilities. He has great control in them but they could a astray from time to time. He gets regular messages from his mother and brothers. He hopes that youngest will flow suit and join Starfleet and will be great just like his older brother and father.

He is still worried about his older brother because he seems disconnected by his father wishes but realize that his father slowly coming around from continuous prodding from him and his mother. He really wants his family back together.

Starfleet History Edit

Daniel joined Starfleet Academy when he was 17 on a Gifted Cadet program, sponsored by his home planet, leaving with aspirations to be a doctor like his father and mother.

Starfleet Academy Edit

Additional Information Edit

In his youth, Daniel built model Starships with his older brother, Ray Jona, who also joined the Academy on the same scholarship as Ray had. Daniel is middle child of the Jona brothers. Along with the first in line, Ray, they have a younger brother, Bastian Jona, who is only 10 years old.

He has many friends especially one a Betazoid named Tylana. They have been old school chums. He also has crush on girl back home whom is Tylana’s sister Dexlona. He feels awkward around other telepaths because he feels he is half breed. He such a student. He is continuously quiet when he is in school. He is much of loner at the moment and sometimes is very intrusive in conversation because he gets to know people better by their feelings and uses his abilities all the time.

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