Fred Fogarty
Quick Stats
Born: Mesquite, Texas, Earth
Species: Terran
Age: 29
Height: 6' 4" (1,97 m)
Weight: 200 lbs. (91 kg)
Haircolor: Deep reddish-brown (auburn)
Eyecolor: Brown
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Parents: John P. Fogarty and Myra McIvan-Fogarty
Siblings: Frank L. Fogarty and Falco J. Fogarty
Mirror Character: Fred Fogarty (Mirror)

"The best Engineers have accents." - Lt. Fred Joseph Fogarty

The USS Lexington's Chief Engineer, First Lieutenant Fred Fogarty, has an affinity for duct tape and his special screwdriver.

Personal HistoryEdit

Fred's first word was "Star". In school, whenever the teacher had a problem on Warp engines and such, he was known to correct him/her on several occasions.

Starfleet HistoryEdit

Starfleet AcademyEdit

In Starfleet Academy, Cadet Fred Fogarty was in the top 5 for his class for Engineering. He finished his courses in Engineering with excellent marks, in Security and Helm/Piloting with above average marks, in Tactical and Science with average marks, and in Medical with below average marks.

USS StarkEdit

Ensign Fred Fogarty first served on the Venture class USS Stark, where he saved the small crew of 5 (including himself) from death by transporting them onto an inhabitable Class M planet while the ship was self-destructing. He barely made it out alive.

USS LexingtonEdit

Ensign Fred Fogarty was then offered a postion on either the USS Lexington or the USS Washington. Not wanting to serve on the ship that his father, Captain John Fogarty, served on (he was afraid that people would think that he only got promoted because of his father pulling strings), Fred agreed to serve on the Lexington. Fred hopes that the day won't ever come, when he would have to say good-bye to his home, the ship that he serves on.

Lieutenant Fred Fogarty has served as an Engineer since joining the Lexington. He has been quoted as saying, "I would never leave the Lexington to serve on another ship. If the Lexington-B where to go down, I would wait until they made a Lexington-C and put Captain Clemens back in command. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't come back." He has said nothing about what he would do if Captain Robb Clemens where to retire or expire.

Additional InformationEdit

Fred has two brothers, who are also in Starfleet. His older sibling, Lt. Frank L. Fogarty, serves on the USS Washington as the Assitant Chief Security Officer. Fred's younger sibling, Lt. Jg. Falco J. Fogarty served on the USS Lexington for some time as a Security officer. He then left the Lexington to design starships, which has always been his dream. (So far, none of his designs have made it out of the drydock.) Falco currently has returned to the Lexington and works under Fred in the Engineering Department.

Fred's mother, Myra McIvan-Fogarty, serves as a civilian adviser and negotiator for Starfleet Command. According to Fred, she is much too outspoken and a bit annoying.

Fred has a small 1 inch scar that is barely noticable on his right shoulder from the rescue that got him posted on the Lexington. His mental abilities are very good, having a high intellect and perception, although he is lacking a bit in his logic.

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