New Halana has an abundance of aquatic life. About 85% of the planet is covered by oceans that teem with various forms of fish, mammals, and crustaceans. Some are used for food, but many creatures are regarded as sacred and are being protected from exploitation, particularly from alien hunters that disguise themselves as harmless tourists.

List of Aquatic CreaturesEdit

  • Bulu Whale - A large, bluish-gray mammal, similar in appearance to a manatee, but much bigger and covered with 3" long hair. They are herbivores with enormous appetites, living around deeper waters of coastal regions. A Bulu Whale can weight up to 25 tons and bear young that weigh close to a ton at birth. They are peaceful creatures that only show aggression when their offspring is threatened.
  • Zula Shell - The remains of a very rare deep-sea crustacean. To find a Zula shell is consider something special, presenting a one in a gazillion chance. They are spiral type shells with varied hues of colors from pink to purple, blue to green, and in between. A special feature of the Zula shell is its sparkling flecks that make it shimmer brightly in sunshine.

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