Jyran Tev
Quick Stats
Born: USS Epimetheus
Species: ½ Human, ½ Trill (joined)
Age: 29
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Haircolor: Brown, short
Eyecolor: Blue
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Mother: Rebecca Lowell (Human)
Father: Jardel Pramik (unjoined Trill)
Siblings: None
Children: None

USS Roddenberry's enthusiastic young, half-Human, half-Trill scientist. Tev has a fascinating past while holding high hopes for Jyran for the future.

Personal HistoryEdit

Family/Background Information Edit

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jardel Pramik was a security officer aboard USS Corona. On an away mission, when a member of the away team needed medical attention, he met Nurse Rebecca Lowell. Although they had served on the Corona together for seven months, they had never met. They met again in the ship's lounge and started to see each other more often. Several months later, Jardel proposed to Lowell and they were married by the Captain.

When the Corona was nearly destroyed by Cardassians in the Badlands, Pramik and Lowell were transferred to the newly commissioned USS Epimetheus, a strictly diplomatic ship. Upon disembarkment, Pramik was promoted to Lieutenant and appointed as Chief of Security and Chief Tactical Officer, while Lowell was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Lowell also discovered that she was pregnant at that time.

Having grown up on the Epimetheus, Jyran was always interested in what was happening on the ship, especially in Engineering and the Science Labs. During one of his escapades to sneak into Main Engineering, a conduit ruptured the Jefferies tube and began releasing toxic gas. Although he was rescued quickly, Jyran began showing symptons of claustrophobia, and Lt Pramik requested bigger quarters to accommodate his son. Jyran began talking to the ship's counselor to relieve him of claustrophobia but it did not help much.

At the age of 20, Jyran applied to the Trill Symbiosis Commission and assigned as initiate to Ladek Oten. After a year of enduring the rigorous tasks that Oten had set for him, Jyran was granted the honor of being selected to join a symbiont.

Starfleet HistoryEdit

Starfleet AcademyEdit

After taking a year of getting accustomed to being joined, Jyran decided to enroll in Starfleet, Science Division. Jyran completed his studies at the academy after three years and was assigned to the USS Roddenberry under the command of Commodore Ray Packard.

Starfleet Academy: Sciences Division

Majors: Astrophysics, Stellar Cartography
Minors: Xenobiology, Starship Operations, also Emergency Medical Training

Starfleet Information Edit

Rank: Lieutenant
Current Post: USS Roddenberry
Position: Science Officer

USS RoddenberryEdit

Jyran was quickly promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade after four weeks from joining the crew of the Roddenberry. On Stardate 200910.13, Jyran received a letter from the Trill Symbiosis Commission regarding the death of his field docent. This hurt him a great deal as he became great friends with Ladek.

For outstanding sim attendance, as well as personal and duty log requirements being met, and by authorization of the United Space Federation, Jyran was awarded with a promotion to Lieutenant on stardate 200911.03.

Additional InformationEdit

Special Education Edit

Trill School: Trill Science Ministry

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