A Klicktic ritual only performed at death. It is performed by an immediate family member or someone of great importance to the dying Klicktic. The goal of the ritual is full sharing of knowledge and memories, often for the purpose of preservation and, in some instances, understanding. While it is sometimes compared to a Vulcan mindmeld, the kilikat has very little in common with a mindmeld, mainly that it is not a complete melding of minds and is only performed when one of the participants is already dying.

The ritual begins with both participants stripping their clothing. The healthy klicktic then places his or her antennae against the antennae of the dying klicktic and initiates a link. After uttering the traditional chants, the healthy klicktic focuses and intensifies the link. The intensified link allows for the transfer of memories and knowledge, which begins quickly and intensely. The link is finally broken when the dying klicktic dies.

The link created during the kilikat ritual is severely draining to both participants. Since the link can only be broken as a result of the death of one of the two participants, it is only performed as a deathbed ritual.

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