Quick Stats
Class: Class G
Quadrant: Alpha
Number of Planets: 5

General InformationEdit

The Klick star is a single star system with five planets.

Klick IEdit

Klick I is a Class B planet similar to Mercury. It is uninhabited and has no moons.

Klick IIEdit

Klick II is more commonly known as Klickta. It is a Class M jungle world with two moons. It is inhabited by the Klicktic civilization.


Klick IIIEdit

Klick III is a Class L planet. It is uninhabited and has 3 moons. All three moons are rich in the mineral Delterium so they currently have active mining operations.

Klick IVEdit

Klick IV is a Class J gas giant. It is roughly the size of Neptune with 15 moons. Since Klick IVb, IVd, IVg, IVh, and IVl are rich in Delterium, they also have active mining operations. However in recent years, the operation on IVl has become a base of the Krekakrelictok and should be viewed with caution.

Klick VEdit

Klick V is a Class C planet similar to Pluto. It is uninhabited and has no moons.

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