Quick Stats
Class: Class M
Quadrant: Alpha
Inhabitants: Klicktics
Affiliation: Klicktic Council of Queens

Klickta is the formal name of the second planet of the Klick system. It has two moons, Klickta I and Klickta II, and is the home of the Klicktic civilization.


Klickta is a jungle Class M world that is covered 65% by water. The tropical climate of the world allows for extensive rain forests and complex animal and plant life. While mammals did evolve on this world, insect species are the dominant species of animals on the world.


Klickta is governed by the Council of Queens, the ruling body of the Klicktic civilization. It is not affiliated with any other government, but does enjoy trade treaties with the Federation as well as others, primarily due to extensive Delterium deposits throughout the Klick system.

The Council of Queens is made up of the six Queens from the six Klicktic clans. Each Queen is responsible for governing matters solely affecting her own clan, while the council deals will matters affecting multiple clans or the planet as a whole.


Klickta is populated by the Klicktics, an insectoid species closely resembling the Terran ant. The planet currently boosts a population of about 2 billion, but at other points in the history, the population was significantly higher, causing significant problems. Through the teachings of Tefak, the society was reformed and began its current pursuit of the perfection of order. It is through his teachings that most of the current laws, customs, and practices came into being.

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