Klickta I
Quick Stats
Class: Class D
Quadrant: Alpha
Inhabitants: Klicktic Hybrids
Affiliation: None.

Klickta I is the formal name of the first moon of Klickta in the Klick system. It is the larger of the two moons of Klickta (hence its name) and also the furthest from the planet.


Klickta I is an airless Class D moon. The moon has no naturally occurring lifeforms, and any inhabitants must use some form of lifesupport system to survive.


Klickta I is not directly affiliated with any governing body. It is loosely connected to Klickta and its Council of Queens, which is responsible for the establishment and continued existence of the Klicktic Hybrid Colony. However, no direct contact exists between the colony and Klickta, and it is left to mainly govern itself. It has a colony commander and a command team that handles all issues that come up in the colony.


Klickta I is populated by the Klicktic hybrids, those klicktics born as the result of breeding between clans. The planet currently boosts a population of about 150 hybrids. They are all exiled from the planet, but can leave the moon if they wish. As long as they do not violate the orbital radius of Klickta I, the exile is intact.

The colony was established 156 years ago as a humane solution to the hybrid problem. Since its establishment, it has become entirely self-sufficient. In recent years, the Federation has been asked to intervene with threats from the Krekakrelictok, a terrorist organization intent on destroying the colony and returning to the old ways of handling hybrids.

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