The Klicktic Hybrid Colony is the colony established on Klickta I for hybridized Klicktics to live out their exile. A hybrid is a klicktic who was born from parents from two different clans. This is strictly forbidden and is a capital crime on the planet. After the parents are executed, the hybridized children are sterilized and exiled to the moon and its colony. They are not allowed to go within the orbital radius of the moon, but may travel elseware in the universe.

The colony was established roughly 150 years ago, when opinions on the planet changed. Believing it was more humane not to punish the children for their parents sins, hybridized children were no longer euthanized shortly after birth and instead sent to live on the colony. With the help of volunteers willing to establish the colony and raise the first generation of hybrid children, the colony quickly became self sufficient, run completely by hybrids.

The colony has no contact with Klickta and is not affiliated with the Council of Queens. It is ruled by the colony commander and managed by several colony administrators who handle all the needs of the colony. They get what they need through contracts with several shippers who work in the region of the Klick star system, and anything else is manufactured or done without.

One unique aspect of the colony was its power system. Klicktic technology at the time of the colony establishment used liquid Relk to transmit energy. Relk, in its liquid state, is highly conductive and was used extensively. The colony was dominated by giant Relk tanks, and Relk pipes transmitted energy efficiently throughout the colony. Relk eventually fell out of common use due to the dangers of a Relk leak. At room temperatures, Relk changes from an inert liquid to a highly flammable and toxic gas. The colony however did not have the resources to replace the system and did their best to maintain them. On SD 9907.02, a massive Relk leak killed 6 and injured another 12. It is the only known Relk accident on the colony. On SD 0309.07, though the assistance of the Federation, the Relk power system was commpletely replaced to make the colony less vulnerable to attack from the Krekakrelictok.

The colony has become controversial again among Klicktics, and popular opinion has begun to move toward abolishing the colony. While the Council of Queens is still split and has agreed that no changes in policy with happy until they are unanimous about it, other groups have begun to try to take matters into their own hands. The Krekakreliktok, "Death to the Ones who Bring Chaos to Order," has made two separate attempts to destroy the colony and is considered highly dangerous.

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