The Krekakrelictok ("Death to the Ones who Bring Chaos to Order") is a Klicktic terrorist group who oppose the Klicktic Hybrid Colony and the existence of Klicktic hybrids (a Klicktic who is born from parents of two different clans). They seek a return to the old ways when hybrid children were euthanized when discovered. This practice had been abandoned 150 years ago in favor of humane exile of the hybrid children. While most of the time, they use media and other materials to spread their message, on two separate occasions, they have committed more violent acts.

On SD 0309.07, a Krekakrelictok agent infiltrated the hybrid colony after surgically altering herself to look like the colony's security chief. She set off on bomb as a diversion and attempted to set off another explosive to rupture the colony's relk tanks. The plan was foiled by officers of the USS Odyssey and the relk tanks replaced to avoid further attempts.

On SD 0606.10, several Krekakrelictok agents infiltrated Starfleet and the Klicktic Defence Fleet. One agent specifically modified himself to look like Commander Crelak Ticlak Trukak-Fetack and kidnapped the real commander so he could replace him on the USS Odyssey. As Commander Crelak, the agent kidnapped the Trukak Queen and escaped with her in a shuttle. The plan was to be 'found' by the agent in the Klicktic Defense Fleet so that all evidence pointed to Crelak. As this point, the real Commander Crelak would be substituted back and tried for his 'crimes.' The Krekakrelictok hoped to sour Federation-Klicktic relations so that they could operate in the future without Federation interference. The plot was once again foiled by quick thinking by the crewmembers of the USS Odyssey.

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