Quick Stats
Image of: Hlaoa Zaiba'ny, Starfleet Academy (Exchange Student)
Species name: Lagiers
Homeworld: Nom
Type: Sentient Humanoid

Lagiers (pronounced Lah-gee-urs) are an electric species (Homos Electricus) inhabiting the Class L world of Nom in the Alpha Quadrant.


Lagiers are predominately shades of dark blue, ranging from navy to a deep shade of cool purple, although a dark teal is also seen on occasion.

They're noted by their assortment of talruc, more commonly referred to as "tentacles", which hang from their head in a specific pattern of three large on the top of the skull and several smaller descending from the back of the head underneath. Two sets of smaller talruc line the sides of the face, but are very different from the others; they're specifically evolved to sense vibration and electrical energy, and act as the lagiers ears.

The lagiers store collected electrical energy within specially evolved cells in the nervous system, and can expel this energy at will. All adult lagiers are prone to a particular polarity, either os for positive or ny for negative. All adult lagiers require a second lagier to get an adequate supply of energy and exchange of nutrients; partners are generally used for pon'arah, the act of feeding, and such partners are required to be of the opposite polarity of one another, but not the opposite sex.

For more information on Lagiers and their society, see Nom.

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