A tiny but useful fraction of the Lagiers vocabulary.


Achtnek - an eight legged winged insect that steals the eggs of other animals (denotes sneakiness and underhandedness)

Akkir - Colonel, military rank

A'logn Kata - Greeting to an equal or higher cast (can mean hello or good-bye; similar to Hawaiian's Aloha)

A'logn Rah - Greeting to a lower cast (can mean hello or good-bye; similar to Hawaiian's Aloha)

Arrix - goddess of war (a swift winged creature)

Ayah - Father




Drugai - the second of the three castes in Lagier society (divided into three classes: 1) scientists, 2) priests, 3) teachers [listed in descending order])


Eluyins - A standard unit of measurement of bio-electric current in Lagiers (10 Eluyins have been identified as sufficient to start a human heart, and appear to be not difficult to generate by most teenaged Lagiers. However, even when not fully matured, a Lagier can generate enough electric power to short out the systems on a small vessel, though posing a danger to his life. A fully mature and large sized Lagier could possibly launch the equivalent of a lightening bolt, if he wanted. Though, the physical effects this would cause to his body are unknown.)


Fountain of Corzba - a natural spring that feeds a large underground lake (its salty waters are believed to have just the right mixture to facilitate a flawless development in hatchlings; traditionally, females would fill their Vaggar with these waters when Muna-Awal was upon them)


Groex - a large furry animal with sharp claws and teeth, bat-like wings and a long tail with a spiky ending (its dropping can be quite big and acidy and are found all over the jagged cliffs that they inhabit)


Hirugai - the third of the three castes in Lagier society (divided into three classes: 1) merchants, 2) agrarians, 3) workers [listed in descending order])




Kakrutes - a medium sized, furry animal notorious for the manual washing of its own behind (denotes someone who is brown nosing)

Kynsai - the first of the three castes in Lagier society (divided into three classes: 1) leaders, 2) warriors, 3) soldiers [listed in descending order])



Mahi - mother

Mazzir - General, military rank

Muna'Awal - emergence of the egg (after a soft-shelled egg grows for 25 cycles inside a Lagier female, she will lay it into a semi-translucent container filled with mostly salt water, where it further develops until the baby is ready to hatch)


Nhu - no, negative

Nerou - ensign

Noubano - a title that's used to indicate a lack of experience, generally pointed at young learners or the most inexperienced in a team.

Noubie - a shortened form of noubano.


Oho - yes, positive, acknowledge

Ophass - a Dodo-like, flightless bird that has the tendency to run into things and fall off of thing (denotes someone that seems stupid)


Phela - or Pass (in Federation standard), a time unit measurement on Nom (equal to about 32 Earth days, it represents the time it takes the moon Nom to circle its planet Herozi; age is measured in passes)

Plasplix - a rodent like animal with 6 legs and a sharp flicking, almost snake like, tongue (denotes untruth and disloyalty)

Pozzor - Attention




Salaenox - a snake like creature with slight spiky skin that strangles its victims (denotes powerful but violent grasp on something that's doesn't belong to you)

Savval - a pet name, similar to "honey" or "sweetheart"

SDF - Subterranean Defense Force

SDO - Subterranean Defense Order (Lagiers' government)

SDV - Subterranean Defense Vessel

Semir - Captain, military rank

Suu Tukka - Shut up


Talruc - the proper term for the appendages that hang from a lagier's head, used as the primary node of electrical storage cells in the central nervous system. The universal translator generally translates "talruc" as "tentacles" in Federation Basic, which often leads to confusion.

Takur - or Cycle (in Federation standard), the unit measurement for a day on Nom (equal to about 23 Earth hours)

Toza - Daughter


Ulrot - an in-depth and complicated ceremony at the end of the battle, commonly known as the only way to avoid a death sentence at the end of a duel. It most easily translates as an "absolute, unconditional surrender". It is said that the god of war, Halrucino, was challenged to a duel by the goddess of wisdom, Valruni. When Halrucino refused to fight her in light of her beauty, the only means Valruni could spare his life was for Halrucino to suffer the ultimate humiliation, the ulrot. In light of his unconditional servitude, and impressed by his choice of humility over death, Valruni demanded for Halrucino to take her as his mate. The offspring of the union between war and wisdom was Galiga, the goddess of peace. Galiga would go on to forge the instrument of peace: the nomnus.


Vaggar - a semi-translucent container into which a developing egg is placed (it roughly holds 25 liters of liquid, and has an opening up top the size of a small plate)

Vrok - a beverage made from shooting steaming hot water through vrok beans, which are collected from vrok bushes. Vrok is generally brown in color and appearance, and often combined with sugar, cream, and milk.

Vrok Bush - a subterenean plant that grows upside down from the ceiling of caverns on Nom. Bioluminiscent, it is easy to spot. It's seeds are stripped until a simple bean is left, which is then used to make a highly enjoyed beverage.


Wassalli - an underground dragon like beast that lives in a cave on Nom, criminals are thrown into its fangs for execution


Xentara cliff - an enormous underground cliff formation (wind being channelled from the surface and blowing through its hollows has produced the most haunting sounds, a sort of natural "music"; the only music Lagiers know of, since they do not have man-made musical instruments)



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