Quick Stats
Born: unknown
Species: Vulcanoid (unsure of species)
Age: 17 or 18
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Haircolor: brown
Eyecolor: brown
Gender: male
Parents: unknown

SS Nigala's acting Ensign Maxx has an obscure background, and an even more obscure origin.

Personal History Edit

Maxx has no idea where he was born or whom his bilological parents are. His earliest memories started aboard the freighter, Dantos Dream, as a cabin boy. When the captain had lost his ship in a high stakes stellar poker game, Maxx went with it. The new captain was not quite as benevolent, in fact he was often cruel to the youngster. Still the captain found worth in Maxx and exploited him as much as possible.

Around stardate 5200812.10, Maxx was tossed off the freighter he had stowed away on and ended up on Space Station Nigala. He made friends with restaurant owner Nadja DeChevalier, and she took him in. She offered to give Maxx a job, and shelter, but made him promise to get an education and make something of himself.

Starfleet History Edit

On stardate 5200903.10, Nigala Station came under assault by pulses from a source trying to communicate with the station. These pulses did major damage to the station, which left four of the Raptor-androids, floating in free space. Maxx commandeered a [worker-bee shuttle] and tried to round them up. Although, Maxx had caused someother damage, then Fleet Captain Hirsch recognized the boy's actions for what they were, and offered Maxx a field promotion to Acting Ensign. Hirsch also figured it might be a good way to keep the kid out of trouble. Maxx helped to repair the damaged Raptors, as they accepted him into their pack and allowed him access to their secret construction.

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