Quick Stats
Class: Class M
Quadrant: Beta
Inhabitants: Nigalans
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets

A Class M planet on the outer edge of the beta quadrant. Nigala is home to a semi-advanced race of sentient humanoids, best known for their achievement of creating the SS Nigala, a space station utilizing their technology. They currently have friendly relations with the United Federation of Planets.


Nigala is a Class M planet with twelve continents. It features rocky terrain dispersed with yellowish-green forrests, and broken up by prodiminately purple hued oceans and rivers. Most of Nigalan's forrests exists in valleys, with a heavy mountain chains circling the globe. Nigala has an unusual amount of Nitrogen in its atmosphere, and as such has very strong winds. The prediction of the wind currents are considered chaotic, sense the mountain chains often stop or redirect airflow.



Nigalans are the dominant and native intelligent species of Nigala. They are similar to humans in build, strength, and lifespan, but are distinguishable with paler skin tones, spot patterns in bolder colors, and "frills" growing from their head and back. These frills, being extentions of their cardiovascular system, are for the primary purpose of absorbing the unusual amount of nitrogen that Nigalans need for their air supply.


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