The major operating modes are:

Cruise Mode Green AlertEdit

The normal operating condition of the ship.

Yellow AlertEdit

Designates a ship wide state of increased preparedness for possible crisis situations.

Red AlertEdit

Designates an actual state of emergency in which the ship or crew is endangered, immediately impending emergencies, or combat situations.

External Support ModeEdit

State of reduced activity that exists when a ship is docked at a starbase or other support facility.

Reduced Power ModeEdit

This protocol is invoked in case of a major failure in spacecraft power generation, in case of critical fuel shortage, or in the event that a tactical situation requires severe curtailment of onboard power generation.


During Cruise Mode, the ship s operations are run on three 8-hour shifts designated Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Should a crisis develop, it may revert to a four-shift system of six hours to keep crew fatigue down.

Typical Shift command is as follows:


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