CLASS 1 Sensor ProbeEdit

Full EM/subspace and interstellar chemistry sensor pallet for in-space applications.


Same instrumentation package as Class 1 Probe with adition of enhanced long-range particle and field detectors and imaging system.

CLASS 3 Planetary ProbeEdit

Terrestrial and gas giant sensor pallet with material sample and return capability; on-board chemical analysis submodule; full range of terrestrial landing to subsurface penetrator missions; gas giant atmosphere missions survivable to 450 bar pressure.

CLASS 4 Stellar Encounter ProbeEdit

Triply redundant stellar fields and particles detectors, stellar atmosphere analysis suite. Six ejectable/survivable radiation flux subprobes. Deployable for nonstellar energy phenomena.

CLASS 5 Medium Range Reconnaissance ProbeEdit

Extended passive data-gathering and recording systems; full autonomous mission execution and return system. Atmosphere entry and soft landing capability. Adaptable for tactical applications with addition of custom sensor countermeasure package.

CLASS 6 Comm Relay / Emergency BeaconEdit

Standard pallet sensors. 360 degree omni antenna coverage and 0.0001 arc-second high-gain pointing resolution supplied for transceiver power generation and planetary orbit plane changes.

CLASS 9 Long-Range Multi-mission Warp ProbeEdit

Standard pallet sensor plus mission-specific module. Warp field sustainer engine; duration 12 hours at warp 9; extended 14-day fuel supply at Warp 8. Typical application is emergency log/message capsule on homing trajectory to nearest Starbase or Starship.


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