Quick Stats
Born: D'ralk, Vulcan
Species: Vulcan
Age: 180
Height: 6' 7" (2 m)
Weight: 203 lbs. (92 kg)
Haircolor: Black
Eyecolor: Brown
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Parents: S'Ray (Deceased) and T'Len
Siblings: None
Wife R'Tal
Children S'Rok (son) and T'San (Daughter)

The Odyssey's Chief Medical Officer, an Vulcan, is very logical and methodical, while lacking ambition.

Personal History Edit

S'Tan was born on SD 182803.22 and raised on Vulcan in the rural region of D'Ralk. Due to cultural customs of the region, S'Tan and his family all have names that do not conform to more traditional Vulcan naming practices. He entered the Vulcan Medical Institute and graduated with a degree in medicine on SD 185505.23. He established a successful medical practice in the D'ralk region.

On SD 191901.02, S'Tan married his wife R'Tal. Shortly afterward, he left Vulcan to pursue a carreer in Starfleet.

Starfleet History Edit

S'Tan has proved himself a dependable doctor throughout his career, if a little puzzling for his lack of ambition.

Medical Officer Training ProgramEdit

S'Tan entered Starfleet Medical's Medical Officer Training Program on Denobula to gain entrance into Starfleet as a Medical Officer. He graduated with honors on SD 192203.02.

USS Nevada Edit

On SD 192205.11, S'Tan was assigned to the USS Nevada as Assistant Medical Officer. On SD 192301.22, he recieved the promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Leave of Absense Edit

On SD 192301.20, S'Tan took a leave of absense to return home for the Pon Farr. When R'Tal became pregnant with their son, S'Rok, S'Tan choose to lengthen his leave of absense to help raise his family. A daughter, T'San, was also born during this period.

USS Nightengale Edit

On SD 7302.21, S'Tan ended his 50 year leave of absense and was posted to the USS Nightengale.

USS Darfur Edit

On SD 8401.01, S'Tan was posted to the USS Darfur. On SD 8604.05, he was promoted to full Lieutenant. On SD 8905.04 and again on SD 9203.03, he declined promotions to First Lieutenant, stating that the rank was not needed for the practice of medicine. After the second refusal, S'Tan's commanding officer asked the ship's counselor to evaluate him, but the counselor could find no psychological reason to question S'Tan competancy.

USS Odyssey Edit

On SD 9401.01, S'Tan transfered to the USS Odyssey when it was launched. On SD 9605.05, he was offered the position of Assistant Chief Medical Officer, but he refused the position, stating it was not necessary for the practice of medicine. On SD 9901.24, he refused another promotion to First Lieutenant as well as the position of Assistant Chief Medical Officer, stating again that neither was required for the practice of medicine.

Finally, on SD 0410.29, S'Tan accepted the position of Acting Chief Medical Officer until such time as an appropriate candidate can be found.

Additional Information Edit

While several Commanding Officers and Department Heads have commented on S'Tan's perplexing refusal of promotion, there have never been any psychological concerns found to prevent him from practicing. He has always been a competent, if confusing, doctor.

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