Quick Stats
Born: ShiKahr, Vulcan
Species: ½ Vulcan, ½ Romulan
Age: 29
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Haircolor: Black
Eyecolor: Brown
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Engaged through Vulcan tradition to T’vel
Mother: T'Luminareth (under the guise of T'var)
Father: Lonak (Romulan disguised as a Vulcan; real name unknown)
Siblings: T'Zantha (half-sister)
Children: None

The quiet Vulcan doctor of SS Nigala. With problems controlling his emotions, he seems to be something other than a typical Vulcan.

Starfleet Information Edit

Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Current Post: SS Nigala
Position: Chief Medical Officer

Family/Background Information Edit

Solik attended the Vulcan Science Academy, where his father, Lonak, is an instructor. Upon completion of his courses, he initiated a telepathic mating bond with another student at the academy, T'vel. When he became of age, Solik applied to Starfleet Academy, Sciences Division.

After graduating Starfleet Academy, Solik was given the rank of Ensign and posted on the USS Excalibur, sent to patrol the Beta Quadrant along the edge of the galaxy. After a year of exploration, the Excalibur was attacked and assimilated by a Borg Cube that emerged from a transwarp conduit. Solik and a dozen other crewman got to safety via the ship's escape pods and were picked up by a Tellarite freigher after 3 weeks.

After this ordeal, Solik suffered from post-traumatic stress after seeing his friends assimilated by the Borg and began losing control of his emotions. He was granted an extended leave of absence from Starfleet to return to Vulcan and study under a Vulcan Master.

After 5 years, Solik returned to Starfleet and was given a job as Teaching Assistant at the academy. After a year, when Starfleet counselors determined that he was ready to return to deep space assignments, Solik was posted on the USS Independence, sent to explore the Delta Quadrant.

After several weeks of dissatisfaction with the Independence, Solik transferred to SS Nigala in the Beta Quadrant.

After exceptional service under the command of Commodore Rylan Hirsch, Solik was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

On stardate 200907.22, Solik discovered that his mother and father were scientists working on a top secret experiment to create a Human without the use of a womb. It was also discovered that his father was a Romulan disguised as a Vulcan the entire time he was working on that experiment and the entire time he lived on Vulcan. In addition to this discovery about his father, Solik found out his mother also had a daughter before leaving her other life.

Solik realized, in the immortal words of Ambassador Spock, that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, which encouraged him to transfer to the Medical department aboard SS Nigala. He prepared himself for the position by practicing medical techniques in the holodeck as well as reading much of medical material as the library computer database aboard the station.

Education Edit

Vulcan School: Vulcan Science Academy

Starfleet Academy: Sciences Division

Majors: Astrophysics, Stellar Cartography
Minors: Xenobiology, Starship Operations, also Emergency Medical Training

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