Many species in the universe possess special abilities, such as but not limited to telepathy, empathy, super-human strength, telekinesis, etc. This article gives a list of special abilities, in relations to normal human abilities, and the species that possess such. (The information presented below might be a useful tool in creating a character for a simulation, or do other research.)

Advanced Physical AbilitiesEdit

This includes any advanced ability to use physical powers.

  • Kedi Gibian (flight and strength)
  • Klingon (strength)
  • Luzoga (non-corporeal energy beings, pass through solid matter, high voltage beam, defensive shield, warp travel)
  • Vulcan (strength)

Advanced Sensory AbilitiesEdit

This includes any advanced ability to use smell, sight, sound, etc.

Geomagnetic SensoryEdit


The ability to understand, be aware of, or feel the emotions of another being. Many mixed breeds between telepaths and other species result in offspring that is empathic.


A chemical secreted by some species that can have a very powerful influence on the behavior or development of others. Usually pheromones function as an attractant for the opposite sex.


The ability to move objects through the power of the mind, without applying any evident physical force. At times someone might develop this ability when exposed to certain natural phenomena.

  • Ocampa (some have relearned it after whole species lost it)
  • Platonian (developed ability after settling on the planet Platonius)
  • Vorta (only in some individuals)
  • Vulcan (priestesses in monastery)


The communication of messages or thoughts between minds by some means other than sensory perception (vocal or auditory).

There are various levels of telepathy present in the listed species, from reading thoughts only, to sending thoughts and images, to influencing other species' minds, to creating illusions or even causing hallucinations that can put one in a catatonic state. (More information on each level is found under the information for each species.)

Person to Person TelepathyEdit

Special Forms of Person to Person TelepathyEdit

Special Types of Telepathic SpeciesEdit

Psychoprojective TelepathyEdit

Species Unable to be Read by TelepathsEdit


The ability to instantaneously transport one's own body or someone else's body from one point to another without the help of technical equipment.

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