Tellarites are a bellicose species from near Sector 001. Tellar was one of the first signatories of the Articles of Federation. A proud race, tellarites are known for their argumentative nature, considering this to be "civilized language."


On average, Tellarites stand shorter than humans. They are quite large, and walk upright on cloven hooves.

There are many vairations (races) of tellarites, with different features. About 47% of the population of tellar fall under type one: eyes more sunken in, and hands with three fingers. Type two tellarites have five fingered hands (with cloven fingernails), and a more human looking face. The two "races" of tellarites are fully biologically compatable; no segregation or racism has ever been detected over this difference.

All tellarites wear full beards and sideburns.

Science and TechnolgyEdit

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Society and CultureEdit

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"Civilized Language" is the tellarite name for insults. A properly hurled insult should be biting and witty; the more powerful or witty the insult, the more honor is being put on the receiver. When participating in a "Civilized" conversation, both coversants are expected to take the insults in stride, and not "take them personally."

A person of another species who is not accustomed to "Civilized Language" may believe that they are being personally insulted; more issues on the Federation Council could have been cleared up if foreign delegates were better briefed on the tellarite species. In one case, a Federation Colony nearly ceded from the Federation when, after a particularly powerful and well conveyed speech, the tellarite Federation delegate called the speeker an "untalented hack who nearly bored the floor to tears," meaning this as the highest praise for a tellarite speaker.


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The Cho'sano MovementEdit

The Cho'sano Movement has been in existance for over 200 years on the tellarite planet. While most tellarites find canines to be a delicacy, the Cho'sano believe that all animate life forms should be respected. The Cho'sano are therefore vegetarians.

References, See Also Edit

  • Memory Alpha, "Tellarite" [1]
  • The novel Death Count by L.A. Graf describes tellarites as "vegetarians"; this is our reference for the Cho'sano.

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