Quick Stats
Born: T'Kuht
Species: Vulcan
Age: 17
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Haircolor: Brown
Eyecolor: Brown
Skincolor: Tan
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Parents: Derinan and T'Vari
Siblings: Norim (brother, 20)

A Vulcan cadet who has a reputation for pranks, belonging to a Vulcan religion rarely seen in the ranks of the Federation.

Personal History Edit

Born on K'Thut, the small sister planet to Vulcan; Teraza was born to parents perscribing to the Tr'vernik faith: an amalgamation of the philosophical teachings of Surak, and the belief in the ancient Vulcan gods.

Although the faith of Tr'vernik is a minority faith, it is by no means small in comparison to the population of K'Thut. However, with Tr'vernik's emphasis on family ties, few Vulcans perscribing to the faith leave their family homesteads. Teraza would be an unusual exception.

Growing up, Teraza's family members and neighbors quickly realized that she had an unusual obsession with jokes. Despite rearing the girl in the teachings of Surak, she continued to find great comical relief in every day happenings, until eventually discovering pranks. After several weeks of attempting to discipline the child out of the habit, it was eventually accepted that disruption was apart of Teraza's light hearted nature. Having concluded such, and in accordance to their religion, Teraza was identified as one of the fold of Harathor, the Vulcan God of Mischief. From that day forward, like all other believers, she wore hood bearing Harathor's symbol to honor the gift he gave her.

Teraza, like many Starfleet cadets, was not content with homestead work, however. Her facination with animals led her to study as many creatures she could find, and finally wish to persue a career in biology. However, due to the low outside exposure of Tr'vernik Vulcans, her family feared she would be ridiculed at the Vulcan Science Academy. In a last ditched effort, Teraza applied for Starfleet Academy in hopes that the many alien species and different belief systems would help her gain more acceptance with her own beliefs.

Starfleet Academy Edit

Teraza gained a friendship with the lagier Okuyan Nucen'os while escaping from a malfunctioning holodeck program. The two have been close friends ever since, and seem to have a mutual adoration of practical jokes and pranks. However, her close friendship with Okuyan has put her at odds with his partner Hlaoa Zaiba'ny, and the two quickly began to hate one another.

Teraza is currently studying in the Science Department for a major in Astrobiology.

Additional Information Edit

Teraza wears a Starfleet Issue hood, bearing the proper uniform colors while still allowing her to designate herself to her god.

See Also Edit

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