This article talks from the Real World Perspective, and not from the point of view of the Star Trek Universe.

This is the main page for the Top Ten List. Here, you can find past issues, contact information, as well as current standings for the Top Ten Championship. It is currently still being put together, and therefore, incomplete. Please be patient, as this page will be running at peak efficiency ASAP.

Welcome! Edit

Hey, guys! Check out the new page! Like it? Yes, it is apart of a wiki. In fact, it's a part of Lexicon, a project started by some of our own in order to collect information about anything that has to do with simming. After you check out this page, try checking it out. If you would like to contribute to the Lexicon, just contact one of the admins on the "Contact Team" (in the box to your left under 'navigation') page to set up a user name.

There's not much to this page yet, but give it time and I'll have many past issues logged here. Until then, check out the Top Ten Standings to see where you are.

What is the Top Ten? Edit

The Top Ten List is a weekly publication sent out in e-mail to all subscribed members of the United Space Federation. Founded during the early years of the USF, the Top Ten has had several different editors. Currently, the Top Ten is run by Jerrid P. Billings.

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