Photon torpedoes are armed with a warhead filled with magnetically constrained matter and antimatter. Upon the detonation requirements being met (such as impact with another object) the magnetic constraint collapsed, allowing the reactants to combine. The resulting annihilation released energy in the form of EM radiation and particles such as neutrinos.


Using a re-applied infusion of anti-gluons, the phoenix torpedo causes the quantum fluctuations at the planck length increase geometrically causing molecular friction within the targets structure. Creating a triple reaction reinforcing and reigniting the sub-molecular effect. Effectively 'burning' the target using it's own material as the primary weapon. This effect also applies to energy barriers.


Quantum torpedoes rely on harnessing zero-point energy, increasing their destructive power to above the maximum capable with a photon torpedo. Specifically, the zero-point initiator is activated by an uprated photon torpedo warhead at 19.5 isotons, producing a final explosive yield of 50+ isotons. Furthermore, the pattern of energy release (duration, vector, etc.) makes the blast more difficult to disperse by starship shields, increasing the tactical effectiveness beyond that of a photon torpedo even more.


Tachyon torpedoes rely on harnessing a matter/anti matter interaction that causes the production of an extremely large amount of tachyons at point of impact or destination. Specifically, the initiator is activated by a warhead at 20.2 isotons, producing a final explosive yield of 98+ isotons of tachyon force. Furthermore, the faster than light nature of tachyons make it difficult for even a ship traveling at war speeds to escape the detonation.


(Use not allowed by SFC at this time)


Tricobalt torpedoes are relatively ineffective when used against shielded targets due to the slow expansion of energy from the explosion. It is primarily used as a demolition weapon, most notably against space stations and ground targets.


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