Roster of the USS Lothlorien:

Command/Bridge Crew Edit

Operations/Engineering Edit

  • Chief Engineer: First Lieutenant Andrew Joseph Costa
    • Assistant Chief Engineer:
    • Engineering Officer: OPEN
    • Technician: Crewman Shree Chorch (NPC)
    • Technician: William Peterson (NPC)

Security/Tactical Edit

Chief of Security/Tactical: LtCmdr Steve Tyrne

  • Tactical/Security Officer: OPEN
  • Tactical/Security Officer: OPEN

Medical Edit

  • Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Commander Vorik (NPC)
    • Assistant Chief Medical Officer: Ensign Sean Plott
    • Medical Officer: OPEN
    • Nurse: Petty Officer Charity Zurek (NPC)
    • Medial Technician: Crewman Toth Bargnu (NPC)
  • Ship's Counselor: OPEN

Science Edit

  • Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant JG Heiwa Neko
    • Assistant Chief Science Officer: OPEN
    • Science Officer: OPEN

Miscellaneous Edit

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