This article talks from the Real World Perspective, and not from the point of view of the Star Trek Universe.

The USS Odyssey is a sim taking place on Saturdays (9:00 pm EST) in the AOL/AIM Chat Room Orbital Velocity, under the command of Fleet Captain Crelak Ticlak Trukak-Fetack. It was founded in 1996 by Christian Klint and was one of the first sim groups in the United Space Federation. During most of its history, it was commanded by Admiral Periwinkle Mason who conducted the group for more then a decade.

Current Commanding Officer: Crelak Ticlak Trukak-Fetack

Current Executive Officer: Jaroline Jar

Former Commanding Officers: Christian Klindt, Periwinkle Mason

Former Executive Officers: Sean Astro, Periwinkle Mason, Issac Gill, Thomas Xavier Trek, Shannon Night, Stadi Bodi, Pe'er Arronax, Crelak Ticklak Trukak-Fetack


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