What do you feel are the most important traits for playing a Science Officer?Edit

"The most important traits for a science officer is to quickly relay important information about the situation to whoever is in charge. Whether using the ships sensors or your own tricorder, the more information you can provide the better. Then you need to be able to work with a crew to help put plans of action into action. When you or another crewmember comes up with an idea, it is your job to handle the science behind it and help make it work out." -- Lieutenant Aquarius Trell, USS Lothlorien

How difficult is the task of making up data about spacial objects or other phenomena when playing a Science Officer, and how do you personally prepare for that?Edit

"It can be difficult at times to handle all the scientific data and jargon that comes up. I personally have a strong background in the sciences already, so I can handle a lot of situations that come up. However, I still get taken by suprise, so I often keep a internet window in the background connected to wikipedia. If a term or a situation comes up that I am completely unfamiliar with, I just look it up and scan through the information quickly to figure out what I need to provide. Of course, you can also fall back on the classic star trek mantra: Just because its not possible in the 21st century doesn't mean there isn't a 24th century solution. Who says something you makeup isn't going to be that solution, so if all else fails, just be creative. If it sounds plausible, you can do it." -- Lieutenant Aquarius Trell, USS Lothlorien

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