What do you feel are the most important traits for playing an XO?Edit

"An XO should be easy going and willing to encourage the crew in whatever way he can. Plots often don't go exactly as planned. When a crew member (especially a newbie) comes up with an idea, you need to support them and encourage them to run with it, even changing your planned plot to fit their solution. Some crew may have trouble finding their place in a ship, and a good XO can help them find that character and position that suits them best. The point is to make this fun for all since the crew is voluntarily SIMming each week. An XO or CO who forgets this can hurt their crew by making them feel unwelcome, unwanted, or unappreciated." -- Cmdr. Crelak, USS Odyssey

"I think the most important traits of a good XO are leadership and creativity. You have to be able to project an image of confidence to encourage those under your command, and be able to come up with spur of the moment solutions. If you can do those things, you can be a great XO." -- Cmdr. Peter Schulte, USS Lothlorien

What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of being an XO?Edit

"Being an XO can be a big commitment. When you are in a lower position, it's okay to miss a SIM or two, or even take weeks off at a time. When you become a host, you are taking on the responsibility for being there every week that you can because you are needed for the role you play. While it is not forbidden to miss a SIM, a good XO or CO knows that they shouldn't make a habit out of it. It can get difficult reconciling this commitment with other aspects of you life, but as the old saying goes, 'If it's important, you make the time.'" -- Cmdr. Crelak, USS Odyssey

"The most challenging part of being an XO is that when the CO is not around, you are in charge. Everything becomes your responsibility, and you have to make the tough decisions. The most important thing to remember is to be confident in yourself and not be afraid to be authoritative. Also, trying to maintain friendships with your crewmates while keeping a command stature can be a challenge." -- Cmdr. Peter Schulte, USS Lothlorien

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