Quick Stats
Type: Science vessel
Length: 594 meters
Beam: 206 meters
Draft: 109 meters
Mass: 2,906,390 metric tones
Decks: 26
Crew Capacity: 775 officers and crew
Maximum Speed: Warp 8.93
Armaments: 4 phaser panels, 8 type-16 phaser arrays, 3 quantum torpedo launchers
Defenses: Standard defense shielding with metaphasic subroutine, Ablative shielding

The Xanthian-Class science vessel, unlike its predecessor the Anaximander-Class, has been refitted with a new triangular design, making it one of the fasted ships in the fleet. The three main contributors to the Xanthian's superior speed are (1) its slightly narrower, longer body lines, (2) the fitting of the nacelles directly against main hull, and (3) the modified and upgraded Targanide Warp Drive.

Xanthian-Class vessels in the USFEdit


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